If you’re like me, you have a very special relationship with your dog. I’ve been honored to share my life with four dogs, all of whom have taught me more about how I show up in the world than I can express. Each one has shown me how the way I think, the decisions I make, and the way I carry myself physically impact how I understand the world and see what is possible. And every time I think I know “best”, they show me that there are dimensions of life that I haven’t been able to see, let alone act on… I ’ve been humbled to acknowledge how much more development work they show I have ahead of me.

If you share the sense that you and your dog are partners in something much bigger than can be easily described, I can work with you and your dog to deepen your development. As a coach, I bring my objective lenses to observe how you and your dog interact, to inquire about what may be preventing you from seeing more and taking more steps to pursue your aspirations. As a partner, your dog becomes your mirror and a fellow explorer to expand your self awareness and help you take things to the next level of challenge. We’ll leverage these multiple perspectives to help you continue your own development and deepen even further the connection you and your dog have.

To see more about how I coach people with their dogs, visit my companion website, .  If you’re curious about how we would work together, contact me for a complimentary conversation about what is possible.

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