Are you sensing that there’s more to leading than problem solving and coping with sub-optimal results?

If so, I can help you by:

Guiding you to distinguish what makes your situation complex, and considering what different approaches would entail.

Forming hypotheses and undertaking experiments necessary to tackle  the “adaptive” nature of your challenges.

Offering practices to help you cultivate greater awareness, resilience, and openness in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity that your complex challenges introduce.

Revealing unasked questions to view your situation differently, and incorporating previously-unaddressed dimensions of your challenge into your strategy.

Exploring underlying assumptions that interfere with your ability to see new possibilities.

As a result of our work together, you will be able to manage the system that your complex challenge represents, and will have expanded your own capacity as a leader to address complex challenges in the future.

Individual coaching

Leadership Team coaching

Strategy facilitation

Project team coaching for those addressing complex challenges

I provide individually-tailored solutions for your unique needs to get optimal results at the best value. Contact me for a complimentary conversation about would best serve you.