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Susan S. Collins, PhD, PCC

I work with accomplished, experienced people who see differently.

I help leaders honor what they can see and assist others to share their broader vision.

I help experienced leaders find fulfillment when old ways no longer seem satisfying.

Susan S. Collins is a certified executive coach and leadership development professional who helps senior leaders expand their capacity to handle complexity and uncertainty. Since 2000, Susan has been an organizational effectiveness coach and consultant working with large bureaucratic organizations, including federal agencies and private sector companies. Susan draws on her background in leadership coaching, stages of adult development, organizational development, psychology and neuroscience, mindfulness meditation, and somatic experience to help leaders address seemingly insurmountable challenges that arise in complex organizations more effectively.

Susan is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation.  Her primary areas of focus include:  expanding the capacity of leaders to handle increasingly complex, paradoxical, and uncertain challenges; supporting leadership teams to become more effective decision-making bodies; and revising organizational cultures to support greater organizational effectiveness and workforce engagement. She works with clients to uncover limiting beliefs, helping them challenge and transcend those beliefs to become more empowered, fulfilled, and effective.

In addition to coaching leaders in private practice, Susan leads a Talent Development team in a Homeland Security agency. She previously headed the Leadership and Career Development branch and stood up the first Organizational Development office in the organization. She has extensive experience facilitating and coaching leaders to develop human capital strategies that align with the organization’s mission-related goals. Susan has also been Manager of Executive Education for the Treasury Executive Institute, where she designed and delivered advanced leadership development programs for federal executives. Throughout her federal tenure, Susan has managed three and has served as a coach in two Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Programs, and as a result, has intimate knowledge of the federal Executive Core Qualifications and other executive personnel practices in private and public sector environments. 

Susan is a graduate of the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certificate Program (2002) and the George Mason University Advanced Coaching Program in Leadership & Well-Being (2012). She is certified in a number of 360-degree and personality assessments, including The Leadership Circle Profile, the Emotional and Social Competency Index, and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Susan is also approved to debrief the Maturity Assessment Profile by the Center for Leadership Maturity. She routinely participants in ongoing learning programs, and has earned a Certificate in Neuroleadership from the Neuroleadership Institute.  She has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Rochester (1995) and a B.A. in economics from Wellesley College (1985), and was a professional housing and labor economist for 12 years before becoming a leadership coach. Susan lives in Arlington, VA.


Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certificate Program, 2002

George Mason University Advanced Certificate in Leadership and Well-Being, 2012

University of Rochester, Ph.D. in Economics, 1995

Wellesley College, B.A. in Economics, 1985


Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation, 2015

Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation, 2006